Tuesday, August 23, 2011


ni pon best..


ni lagu favorite masa zaman remaja kat U dolu2..
heheh..tetiba terjumpa n teringat balik..
saat2 remaja yang terindah..
tak bisa terulang..

ateh: haha..ni kes sebab br chat ngan best fren le ni..

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Catatan Perjalanan - Hong kong

6TH June 2011- Day 1

Journey to HK had been planned abruptly after Kache calling izzi from kl, so we departed separatedly - kache,ayie,mimi,daniel,sasha n teir mother took off the morning flight and arrived earlier while izzi and i took the afternoon flight 2pm local time and arrived around 6.15pm.

We arrived at HKIA and referring the tour voucher by Uni Asia Tours, we had to go to Exit B, proceed to Counter B01 for the shuttle service to the Stanford Hillview Hotel. Checked in hotel, had maggi as our dinner and SLEEP.(btw, other members dah jalan2 shopping gile k..they all kan sampai around 2pm)

7TH June 2011 - Day 2

After breakfast, we had half day city tour visiting Stanley Market, Aberdeen, Victoria Peak, Jewelry factory and Ginseng shop.

We had a chance to enter the Madame Tussuad's at mid level of Victoria Peak, took pictures with all celebrities and famous people of the world.

Aberdeen was just a man made beach at HK, might be the one and only beach they had and otw to the beach we also passed by Jackie Chan residence. Good fengshui-rearing the hill,facing the sea.

After the tour, we asked the driver to drop us at K2, one of the hot spot in Tsim Tsa Sui area. We're looking for halal food and fortunately somebody on the street told us to go to the end of the road where we could have halal food at Turkish restaurant. Frankly said, its really worthed it. The price is reasonable within delicious and marvelous chicken kebab and fish grilled. Sedap sangat2!! Lunch per person HK55-60.murah kan?

It's around 3'0clock when we finished our lunch and decided to sight seeing the town. Wow..gila ah, you can see that everybody went in and out the luxurious boutique like we entered Parkson or Sogo. heh.Named it, LV, PRADA, ESPRIT, CHANEL,macam2 ada. Amazingly the price were cheaper compared to Malaysia.

After performing solat at Kowloon Masjid nearby the Tsim Tsa sui station, we took MTR to Tung Chung station which is connected to Citygates Shopping mall. This is a real place for shopaholics, rasa macam dah jadi watak Rebecca Bloomwood daa. I couldnt described in words, but it just crazy. Murah sangat harga sini compared to Malaysia, Izzi had almost 10 shirts of Quicksilver and Esprit. Priced just around RM30-40 converted to Malaysia ringgit. Harga di Malaysia, quicksilver paling murah pun RM70. perghh!! LEVIS jeans, 2 for RM300.Timberland shoes, sini dalam RM500. HK around 200 je. Kache sanggup beli LONGCHAMP yang hrga RM1K but only RM500 at HK. heh! dasat kan kitorang sopping?

We noticed that the Disneyland station was right before the Tung Chung station, so dah planned siap2. esok, masuk dalam disneyland then kuar balik sambung shopping kat Citygates.hehe..ni yang best naik MTR, cheap n efficient!

to be continue..

Catatan tertunda.. BANGKOK


This was a short journey early of this year, from 13th to 16th March 2011. The members of this trip were my hubby, his cousins( abg Tan and wife, kak nakia, kak ja, acik) and me. Since this was a backpack and redah je trip that being managed by my dear hubby so he had study many blogs bout going to Bangkok, booking hotels, planning the sightseeing trips,maps and so on.

We departed from KL early in the morning and arrived at the noon. As soon as we arrived, Izzi was already knew what to do and where we're heading to. That's what i love about my hubby. Focus and cool!heh! "k, kita ambik tiket MRT, heading to stesen pya thai..then tukar ke stesen ratchacewi..bla bla.." So guys, u listen and follow.

Till we arrived at the Ratchachewi station, again Izzi acting such familiar to the place,"k, we're going to check in hotel, so from here go straight, till the junction turn left..straight lagi sampai jumpa Samran Palace"..woohhoo..abang are u for real?macam pernah datang je..haha..terer terer..

k dah sampai hotel, sangat lapar..makan meggi..then solat n kuar jalan2.shopping2. makan2.

Following Izzi's instruction, we're now heading to Chatuchak Market. BTS ride to Chatuchak stop at the last station of Mo Chit. It was so easy ride on and off the train here cause they provide the tourist ticket, just pay the fees and u can ride everyday, anytime till the last cent of the ticket.

So Chatuchak Market is a mother of all the markets in Bangkok. Besar sangat2 and u could lost inside there. Well, this is the right place to buy a lot of fake things but look real and for sure very2 cheap. U can shop till drops.memang dah terjatuh2 sampai tak larat nak jalan n taktau nak shopping apa.heh! macam2 ada, dari t-shirts, handbags, home decoration, even pets pun ada jual.haha amek ko..nak apa semua ada.

We had our dinner at halal food court at MBK shopping centre. Bleh tahan la tomyam, tak sedap sangat tapi sebab dah tak ada pilihan kan..baham jelah.lapar beb..harga quite expensive maklum lah dalam mall.

Heading back to our hotel, arrange with the receptionist trips to floating market and chao praya river. k settle. bleh tdo. so my advice nak backpackers, cari je trip kat hotel atau agensi dalam negara tu jugak, jangan ambik dari malaysia..cekik darah k!


After breakfast, we're waiting for another members of the trip that heading to floating market. As the name of market, you can get anything there; souvenirs, t-shirts, crafts, pulut mango/durian n etc.Instead it was cheaper buying things on the land compared inside the floating boat. cekik!

Coming back from floating market, we've to choose either riding the elephant or watching the cobra show, so we agreed to watch the cobra show. heh malas la nak ride elephant, kat pahang pun ada kan?

Scary jugak la tengok cobra show.eii camne la dia bleh cium ular tu..seram!

Going back to Bangkok, we had our lunch at Fareeda Restaurant,just crossing the road in front of the hotel. macam mana la tak nampak semalam?hehe

So, muslims food..pandai kecek kelate..nearby the masjid, we were totally confident this is real halal restaurant. The owner was very kind,warm-hearted welcome us with delicious food..free mango and good price. murah sangat kalau nak compare makan tomyam kat sini.The tomyam here was so siam..perghh sddapp gileerr!!

balik hotel, mandi solat then keluar lagi jalan2 shopping kat platinum mall.hah ni pasar borong untuk wanita plak.


k..last day at bangkok, we decided to have our own trip to chao praya river, riding the boat, taking picture at the siam watt and palace, window shopping at siam paragon, lunch at fareeda again and rushing back to hotel-packing n heading to airport. we had to catch the afternoon flight boarding to kl.

tadaa bangkok..nice trip. might come again..Insya Allah.

Catatan Perjalanan yang tertunda, India part 3

The Finale Episode

27th, 28th and 29th Nov.: -Agra-Tajmahal-Delhi-KL

Yeah, lastly today was the day that we're waiting for. TAJMAHAL!!
Since that the Mahal was closed on Friday, we had changed our scheduled that we visited tajmahal on the last day at Agra.

The entrance fee was about 1000 rupees but it was worthy. You might read a lot of writing bout Tajmahal but seeing it by your own eyes was totally different. So jangan cakap banyak bie, letak je gambar2.


mahalnya cinta shah jahan pada mumtaz..huhu..

alhamdulillah, we arrived early in the morning so that by the time we're finish sightseeing most of the complex and heading out we just noticed, omg..we could see that a lot of peoples were queuing up to enter the Taj mahal.

We're so happy with Mr. Zaidi that was really a guide, only gave brief information about 20 minutes and gave us 2 hours to go around the complex. He told us that was the 11th time for that year to visits Tajmahal and yet he still have patience waiting us till we really satisfied and "ok, enough pics wit Tajmahal, we can go now Mr. zaidi".. :)

So, Mr. Zaidi recommend us to one of the Muslims restaurant at Agra. yeeah, it has been a week that we eat tosai, nan capati with eggs and cheeseball, now the time to taste the real mutton, chicken beriani, masala and varies of Indian food. Fuhh, the spices were all mixed, blend with the mutton and melted in our mouth..perghh..really nyummy!!

ada tak gambar eh?jap jap...
takda la..khusyuk makan..ni makan kat tepi sawah otw dari fatehpur sikri
ni Yamuna river..
eh eh..ni gambar keturunan pengukir Tajmahal tau..jangan main2..
Hermm..ada kat Kache/ Aiyee kot..takpelah letak gambar minum teh kat kilang marble jelah..ok..we continue sightseeing in Agra by visiting the Agra Fort. Inside the fort, there are the Shah Jahani Mahal.

"It is situated between the white marble Khas-Mahal and the red stone Jahangiri mahal and is set, transitionally, in between these two major residential complexes of two different ages. It is the earliest attempt of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan to convert an existing redstone building in accordance with his taste. It is his earliest palace in Agra Fort and has a large hall and side rooms, and an octagonal tower on the river side."

Kesimpulannya, dekat Agra Fort ni ada istana Shah Jahan yang diwarisi dari ayahnya Jahangir. That's the reason, ada part of the building with the red stone and some of them with white marble. Shah Jahan prefer the white marble wall, pure gold ceiling and diomonds-rubies, emeralds, topaz for the decoration..fuhh..u can count it worth billion or trilliion dollars of his Mahal.

whoaa.. my body exhausted enough for one day sightseeing all the palaces and my mind stuck listening all the love story of SJ-MM, the construction of TM, the monarchy of Moghul emperors from Akbar, Jahangir, SJ and all his sons (he had 14 kids with MM) and the only emperor, Aurangzeb was a pious man. At least, the last one was the real Muslim's caliph at that moment.

As usual, we spent our last shop till drops with Mr. Zaidi after Magrib prayers. So, at the lobby hotel he finally told the truth that he had his own business; leather, textile and etc. Hoo..orang kaya rupanya..kan dah kata. He offering us the leather business, hee..sorry la Mr. Zaidi kat malaysia tak jalanlah..being a guide was only his passion. Tak heran lah dia tak terkejar2 n tak mita duit pun. ;) yet he said that he always bring the guests/ tourist to his house but unluckily during that time his wife was sick and could not treat us. Wah that's was so kind, thank u so much..Insya Allah we will come again.


We heading back to Delhi, sempat window shopping at one of the shopping mall there. Last minute shopping sarees and pashmina again and again. Then rushing to the airport, performing our jamak at the airport musolla, dinner with vegie pizza and boarding flight back to KL. Letih sangat2 but this journey was so meaningful and im happy that i didn't cancel it at the last minute.
Bye2 india..Insya Allah i'll bring my kids again there.. :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Catatan Perjalanan yang tertunda, India part 2

Ok, after visiting the Amber Fort, we had lunch on our own at one of the tourist spot restaurant. Note that only at the tourist restaurant that u can had clean washrooms and again we had vegies food; here i couldn't forget the cheeseball..so yummy..

We proceed sightseeing the Raja's Land visiting the City Palace. So this was a palace for the last emperor of India,the heiress of Mansigh Maharaja. Ada lagi tau cucu raja ni, dok diam2 dalam istana. Entrance fee almost hundreds rupees, makan duit entrance la raja nih..hihi.

so, inside the place we did visit the Jantar Mantar a stone observatory raised in the 18th century by one of the Mansingh Emperor. It sort of astronomy things la..
the pink palace
the flags: the heiress of emperor's residence
astronomical equipment
As usual, the guide would give us the permitting time to visit cottage industry, handmade carpets and textiles. Susah tau buat handmade carpet, much of tedious work. Pity the workers so much. Thats why la mahal carpet india ni..memang berkualiti. 

its 5pm, and the guide was the 1st person to remind us, "my work finish here." Pay him 10 dollar per person,rode the coaster and back to the hotel. It was the last nite at Jaipur, so we didn't want to miss the chance to shop till drops sarees and textiles here.

Luckily we've got a very2 helpful Mr. Vikash that sincerely took us to the shop that much2 more cheaper and always being visited by Malaysian trader from Jalan TAR.hihi..kantoi..i got 5 sarees, 10 pashminas and punjab clothes here..haha..gila shopping!!

We didnt stop here. Going back to hotel, had our dinner then went out again on our own. Wahh, we're so lucky that we noticed one of the textiles shop (Muslim shop from Kashmir) was just a few steps from the our hotel . Yalah, how on earth we didnt know that last nite?ok ok..last nite we're heading to the right street, this shop on the left side of the hotel laa..i told u guys, this was the best place ever. much2 cheaper and authentic designs..hihi

4TH DAY: 25TH NOV- Jaipur to Agra (Land of Love)

We depart from the hotel heading to Agra about 235km and will took another 5-6 hours journey, en route to Agra we visited the world heritage monument of Fatehpur Sikri. We met our guide here, a muslim named Mr. Zaidi. I almost forgot that that day was friday and he asked excuses to pray solat jumaat at the nearby masjid. Handsome mr zaidi ni, look like ajay devgan ..hihi. 
A panoramic view of the Fatehpur Sikri Palace

Since waiting Mr Zaidi we'd took a lot of pictures here till some Indian visitors thought that we're Japanese tourist.hehe so funny. Mr Zaidi seem to be a kind-hearted and knowledgeable person, provide us with a lot of information, giving us time to take pictures and didnt rush into 'going back to home'. 

"So, Fatehpur sikri was  a city in Agra district in the state of Uttar PradeshIndia. Built near the much older Sikri, the historical city of Fatehabad, as it was first named, was constructed by Mughal emperor Akbar beginning in 1570. It was built in honour of Sufi saint Shaikh Salim Chisti, who lived in a cavern on theridge at Sikri, and foretold the birth of his son, who was named Prince Salim after the saint. 

He later succeeded Akbar to the throne of the Mughal Empire, as Emperor Jahangir. Fatehabad later acquired the name Fatehpur, and gave rise to present name Fatehpur Sikri. It was the first planned city of the Mughals and also the first one designed in Mughal architecture, an amalgamation of Indian architecturePersian and Islamic architecture. It served as the Mughal Empire's capital from 1571 until 1585. Though the court took 15 years to build, it was abandoned after only 14 years because the water supply was unable to sustain the growing population and unrest in the North-West.Today, the complex of buildings, including the extant royal palaces, courts and the Jama Masjid is a popular tourist attraction, and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986."

Hermm..good,very informative..that's why la ada mixed architecture; ada macam islamic, plus hindus plus parsi also a cross (christian). kononnya diceritakan oleh Mr Zaidi, raja Akbar ni ada 3 isteri, agama Islam, Hindu dan kristian..so dia bina la palace and tempat ibadat untuk isteri2 nya masing2. wallahualam.
 Indian streets and hiway: elephant, camels, cows,horses and pigs.uuw..careful k! 
Izzi's admirer that thought he's a Japanese.hehe.keep following us!

The central pillar of Diwan-i-khas
Lunch break at Bharatpur, a restaurant by a paddy field.Arrived and check-in at Mansigh Hotel, Agra branch, had our dinner and clearly that this time the guide also very helpful that he offering us to jalan2 around the city that night..but somehow we're a little bit suspicious that every textile shops that we entered, the workers seem to entertain him more than us,haahaa..mesti dapat tips Mr zaidi ni.

k..continued next entry.

Catatan Perjalanan yang tertunda, India part1

In the name of Allah..
finally, i'd decided to complete my entry on India, Bangkok and Hong kong today or tonite..Insya Allah.
almost a year bie..huhu
so, the notes on the 1st day at India could be read at here.

2nd Day. -Delhi to Jaipur,  24th November 2010

Right after we had our breakfast with vege foods (salads, eggs n banana); we checked out to be on our next journey heading to Jaipur. I didnt have an idea how's the journey would be. Even tough the driver a little bit late due to miscommunication, but he will be our driver for the whole trip and it was so nice that he was so friendly and helpful, Mr Vikash Kumar.

We met our guide here, forgot his name already and proceeded with sightseeing tour around Delhi till the midday. We stopped by the India Gate, the memorial to the India army who died in the WWII, taking photo here and there; drive past the Rastrapati Bhawan (the residence of president) and the parliament House.
the Parliament House

India Gate

Also we had visit the historical place called Qutub Minar. A bit of info from en.wiki..yeah we knew that at those moment but had forgot most of them already.ngee.. -

"The Qutub Minar (Urdu: قطب مینار) is a tower located in Delhi, India. It is the world's tallest brick minaret with a height of 72.5 meters (237.8 ft). Construction commenced by Qutb-ud-din Aibak who won Delhi from Prithviraj under Muhammad Ghori as his commander in chief, and finished by Iltutmish. The Qutub Minar is notable for being one of the earliest and most prominent examples of Indo-Islamic architecture. It is surrounded by several other ancient and medieval structures and ruins, collectively known as Qutub complex."

so here our pics..

the members

The mosque pillars that also once was a temple pillar

The iron pillar of Delhi

banyak lagi gambar but enough la kan..hehe

So, enough sightseeing of Delhi we apart with the tour guide, paid him 5dolar each person and heading to Jaipur, approximately 265km from Delhi and almost 6 hours..hello macam dari penang ke melaka kot. but that's our highway, this is India ok..so we departed almost 12.00 at noon at we arrived almost 8.00 pm.

Frankly said, it was a unique experienced, picturesque, sepanjang jalan ada bunga kuning kecik2 ala2 cerita 'Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge' tu..;  even very exhausting and our stomach keep singing..luckily we stopped by at the restaurant. Lunch on our own-so expensive..again the menu all the vegies    food..roti nan, vege masala, kind of lettuce and brocoli i tought. Silap beli milk tea, they put the very2 fresh milk from the cow ok..lapar punya pasal kena telan jaa..haahaa amek kow!

alar sorry, takde plak gambar restoran ni..apepun lepas makan naik balik coaster, solat jamak dalam coaster then we fall asleep till we arrived at Mansingh Hotel. Check in, had dinner at apa lagi tidooooo..letih beb..eh before that we had our own jalan2 window shopping sarees..note that JAIPUR is a textile town ok. dapat la sepasang punjab suit, very nice colour and embroidery.luv it!

so check out gambar2 along the journey and inside the hotel..


After breakfast, we proceed visiting the first place at Jaipur, Amber Fort, also known as Amer fort located at Amer, small town in Jaipur. Dif u know that Jaipur also known as Rajashtani (land of raja), haha..so you might  get the idea what kind of places could be here..yeah a lot of MAHAL2 things..is not that 'mahal-expensive' but mahal in urdu/hindustani means palace..keh3 nama pun dah mahal kan?

So, en route to Amer, we stopped by one palace in the town that called Hawa Mahal. The pink colour palace, that was a palace for ladies during the summer time, if im not mistaken laa..hehe

jendela istana

oh, a lot of things to jot down about Amber Fort, u can choose either riding on an elephant for 12dollar or jeep for 5dollar if im not mistaken but it was cheaper than riding elephant plus it's more comfort..hehe. So we chose the jeep.

So the 'annoying' tour guide starting his 'guidance'.."The fort is divided into four main sections each with its own entry gate and courtyard...this is the palace bla..bla..bla..this is the room for bla..bla.blaa..this is the dance floor bla..bla.." aigoo..he was so annoying tau, being a guide in term of the money, met his friends and did show fierce face when we 'did' listen carefully to his speech..heehee..so funny...

Stop writing bie..just let the photos speaking..hehe

continued the after lunch story on the next entry..tadaaa..


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